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PM Urges Action Against Future Diseases

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen warned that we must be prepared for unpredictable diseases that could happen in the future.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony for more than 1,300 students of the University of Health Sciences this morning, May 18, 2023, PM Hun Sen said, "We must always be vigilant against the diseases that we cannot yet imagine. What could happen in the future?" He said, "Obviously we couldn’t predict Covid-19 and some countries underestimated the disease."

The Prime Minister also mentioned the introduction of preventative measures of the Royal Government of Cambodia, which is a step ahead of protective measures. He said that Cambodia has modelled its response on China concerning the supply of vaccines and protective measures.

He also stated that the protection of the Royal Government in the past ensured that people had a place to stay during treatment so that no one dies on the street without proper inpatient care, which is in itself a preventative measure. He emphasized that Cambodia is fortunate, as some countries cannot even access enough firewood to cremate the dead.

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