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Ukraine Repels Missile Attack with New US-Made Defense System

KYIV: The Ukraine claims to have escaped a Russian missile bombardment on Tuesday morning with little damage. While the damage was expected to be far worse based upon previous attacks, it seems the Ukraine’s newly acquired Patriot air defense systems seem to be working as needed, at least in the Kyiv region.

Last month, a US-made Patriot air defense system arrived in the Ukraine, making it one of two supplied to the country; the other one coming from Germany. The Patriot system is equipped with powerful radar that detects incoming targets; its interceptor missiles can hit high- and medium-altitude aircraft, cruise missiles and some ballistic missiles. Russia launched 18 missiles of various types along with drones Tuesday morning, yet Kyiv claims the bombardment was largely ineffective.

Ukrainian forces did however report damage to one of their Patriot batteries, but further inspection by the US described the damage as “minor,” saying that the missile system is still operational. Russia has pledged to destroy the Patriot systems due to their effectiveness, which seems to have been proven this month. In previous months, officials and analysts doubted the Ukraine’s ability to repel a sustained bombardment.

Since Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine last February, the Ukraine has become far and away the biggest recipient of US foreign aid. According to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, the US Congress has directed more than $75 billion in assistance to the Ukraine since then.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has continued to speak out against global military spending. At a graduation ceremony this morning, he remarked that war destroys countries, economies, and people’s lives, all for the benefit of weapons dealers. He has continuously advocated that governments spend more money on healthcare, rather than endless wars.

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