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Sihanoukville Sees Exponential Growth as SEZ

SIHANOUKVILLE: A recent report on the progress of the Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone (SSEZ) showed a total of 175 enterprises employing nearly 30,000 locals established in the international industrial hub. Companies from China, Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia are amongst those which, according to the report, “actively contribute to the development of Sihanoukville into a multi-purpose special economic zone, as well as play a role in establishment of Cambodia's industrial and technological corridors.”

Imports and exports which usually travel through the Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (the nation’s only deep-water port) have grown exponentially over the last decade to nearly $2.5 billion USD from only $139 million USD recorded in 2013, essentially making the SSEZ the “engine” of Cambodia’s economic development.

The SSEZ is the largest in Cambodia and was established under the collaboration of the HOdo Group, Wuxi Huatai Investment and Property Co., Ltd. and Cambodia International Investment Development Group Co., Ltd. in 2021.

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