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Hun Manet Promises to Promote Digital Development in Business

PHNOM PENH: Commander of the Royal Cambodian Army, General Hun Manet, promised that the Royal Government will strive to create a more favorable business environment for the digital sector as a whole and in other areas of digitalization and digital transformation to maintain Cambodia’s progress in the current technological revolution.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of BYTE DC Solutions in Phnom Penh on May 11, 2023, Gen. Hun Manet stated that the Royal Government has drafted a new investment law to provide incentives and prioritize development in the digital sector and other areas aiming to update business operations. The government is promoting the incorporation of new technologies in order to remain relevant in the current digital revolution.

Gen. Hun Manet said that the increasing use of digital technology in recent years, accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, has provided new opportunities in E-commerce and the use of electronic payment systems that allow many business operations to continue even under difficult circumstances.

The Deputy-Commander-in-Chief stressed that public ministries and institutions are able continue their work through the use of remote assembly technology, such as zoom, which effectively reduces the impact caused by public health crises.

He added that moving forward; the Royal Government is committed to supporting the development of the digital sector and encourages all socio-economic activities that strive for digital transformation and incorporation of modern technology into its operations to improve the efficiency and productivity of work for the benefit of the organization and society.

"The Royal Government will strive to create a more conducive business environment for the digital sector as a whole and in other areas for digitalization and digital transformation," he said.

He thanked BYTE DC Solutions for its confidence in the potential of the Cambodian economy and its commitment to support the development of the digital sector at a turning point for strong economic development in the digital age.

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