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PM Plans to Organize Training Course to Teach Officials 3 Theories on Political Analysis

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen shared his observation that some officials still have a low capacity for political analysis, therefore, he plans to organize a training course to teach three important theories to those officials.

"Because the analytical abilities of some officials seem to be weak, I was thinking that in the future the CPP might organize a training course," said the Prime Minister, while speaking at the graduation ceremony for students of the National Institute of Education on Tuesday morning, 25 April 2023. "A training course actually already exists, but there are three theories that have not yet been taught and I want to teach them myself."

The Prime Minister said the three theories he wishes to teach officials are materialism, historical philosophy and logic. He believes these theories are crucial foundation for officials to have in order to be able to conduct sound political analysis and lead their work duties. He added that he used to teach these theories to senior officials in 1983.

"I want to teach the necessary analytical foundation for political scientists and policy makers," said Prime Minister Hun Sen. "[With knowledge of these three theories] combined, I rarely ever wrongly evaluate a situation. Within the party, my assessment of the situation must be respected."

The Prime Minister also stated that he saw the political analysis of the opposition to be very weak, as they have been unable to correctly assess the internal situation of the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) until now.

"I have told my colleagues to just continue letting them misjudge our situation," he said.

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