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Hun Manet Has No Time for Those Who Challenge His Rank

PHNOM PENH: Gen. Hun Manet thanked all ranked officials and citizens for their congratulatory messages after Minister of National Defence, Tea Banh, officially promoted him to 4-Star General on 20 April, 2023.

While the opposition criticized the promotion, Gen. Hun Manet said that he did not care about their opinions, and that they could continue their mocking.

He said, "For those of you who wonder so much about the rules and regulations of military appointments and promotions, and for those who make fun of my promotion, please wonder and make fun as much as you need. If you have a lot of time and do not have anything else to do, that’s your problem. I do not have time to explain or respond to you, because my time is spent usefully."

He stressed that while he was traveling hundreds of kilometers to meet with troops stationed along the border to protect territorial integrity, he did not have time to respond to critics.

"This work is more beneficial to the motherland than taking the time to respond to your questions or concerns. Let me be honest, do not be angry," he said.

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