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Cambodia to Approach 40°C This Week, Thunderstorms Expected

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology said that Cambodia will see rain, thunderstorms, and heavy winds, while temperatures could reach up to 40 ° C next week.

These phenomena are caused by low to moderate pressure valleys combined with volatile winds.

The entire country should prepare to see light to moderate thunderstorms and heavy winds over the course of the week. The central lowlands are expected to have lows of 25-27 °C and highs of 37-39 °C. The highlands are expected to have the same lower temperatures and highs of 36-38 °C. The coastal areas will remain the coolest with lows of 24-27 °C and highs of 33-35 °C.

The Ministry has called on people to be more vigilant about potentially extreme weather.

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