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Phnom Penh Citizens Happily Use the Free Bus Service to Return to Their Hometowns

PHNOM PENH: On Thursday morning, 13 April 2023, just one day before the Khmer New Year, many Cambodians rush back to their hometowns by various means of transport. Some taking their own cars and bikes, some using paid taxis and bus services and some taking the free buses organized by the Phnom Penh Capital Administration.

There are 275 public buses transporting people to provinces across the country for free during the Khmer New Year, while an additional 70 buses are providing free transport within Phnom Penh.

At 8 am this morning, many people waited at the Russey Keo Park bus station to depart to their respective hometowns. Mey Chanthuon, a native of Battambang province, told EAC News that her family had utilized the free bus service several times since the government began organizing this service for the people.

She said that she and her family have found riding the public buses to be very convenient, not crowded or stressful at all, and very safe. In particular, she said the free buses have significantly reduced her travel costs, whereas in the past she would have to spend at least 200,000 riel with her husband to travel to her hometown in Battambang province.

Another resident taking the bus to Pursat for a second time, Mao Chhunsan, said he was grateful to the government for taking care of the people and providing this free bus service, allowing everyone to have the chance to be reunited with their families during this time of celebration.

As for Sam Srey Oun, who was using this bus service for the first time to return to Kampong Chhnang, the decision to take the free bus was made to reduce her costs and ensure a safe trip home without having to endure the longer waits and inconvenience that comes with taking a taxi that picks up passengers along the way.

Phnom Penh Governor Khuong Sreng said during an interview with reporters at the Russey Keo Park bus station on Thursday morning that these free buses were organized to help reduce the cost of travel for all citizens returning home during the Khmer New Year.

Governor Khuong Sreng affirmed that the Phnom Penh Capital Administration will continue to work towards expanding the free bus service to all provinces across the country in the future.

"In the future, we will continue to supply buses in response to the high demand," he said.

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