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PM Calls for End Argument Over the Use of Anti-Caste Words

Phnom Penh: Prime Minister Hun Sen has declared that Cambodia is a classless society and called for an end to attacks between using word on the rich and the poor.

In a special audio message on the evening of April 1, 2023, PM Hun Sen spoke about the controversy over the use of the language of the poor by a successful teacher. He understands that the teacher is well-intentioned, but she lacks experience, lacks understanding of class and does not know how to use appropriate words in public speaking.

PM: "You have not fully understood what is called the poor and you There is a prosperous life that you call the rich and the poor, you add the rich together without categorizing the rich and the other you put a piece without dividing the poor with different. .

He said that all the rich are not sure that they are thinking ahead, while the poor are not going backwards at all. While some rich people are rich because of corruption and some poor because they have challenges that make them fall.

However, the primer Minister suggested that individuals who claim to be successful in teaching should study in depth and learn to use words spoken in public.

Prime Minister has announced to stop using attacks word on the rich and the poor, as Cambodian society has no class division.

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