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Siem Reap Welcomed Close to 2.7 million Tourists in 2022

SIEM REAP: The number of tourists visiting Siem Reap has continued to increase as the Covid-19 crisis has eased. In 2022 the city hosted nearly 2.7 million tourists, including about 290,000 foreigners.

Siem Reap Provincial Governor Tea Seiha spoke at a press conference with the Council of Ministers on 29 March 2023, detailing the success of the Siem Reap provincial administration over the past five years.

Governor Tea Seiha said that in 2018, the province recorded a total of 5.7 million tourists, including 2.5 million international guests. He went on to note that the Covid-19 pandemic greatly affected the tourism sector after 2019, during which tourism services were shut down and suspended almost completely. It was only in 2022 that tourism numbers began to improve.

He commended the Royal Government’s actions to prevent the spread of Covid-19, including the distribution of the vaccine to the people of Siem Reap and noted that as the global crisis subsided, more tourists came to visit Siem Reap with 2,609,223 recorded in 2022, including 287,454 foreigners.

According to the governor, an increase in tourism has significantly contributed to the agricultural sector, helping to improve the livelihood of the people and the economy of the province. The province has 237 hotels totalling 15,222 rooms, 283 guest houses, 239 restaurants, and 69 massage parlors. It also hosts 5,117 tour guides and 321 travel agencies.

In addition to the historical sites and ancient temples in Siem Reap, there are many natural reserves and resorts, such as the Changkran Roi forest, where provincial administration supports the efforts of young Cambodian entrepreneurs. The freshwater and saltwater fish exhibits at Angkor Wildlife & Aquarium are among a variety of unique resorts, experiences and catering services set up to help boost the province's tourism industry.

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