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Chinese embassy spokesman reacts to Reuters' fake news coverage of Chinese -Cambodia relations

Phnom Penh: On July 22, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, via its official Facebook page, posted a message to British Reuters quoted unreasonable accusations made by the U.S. Department of Justice, exaggerating the so-called "Chinese hackers stealing Mekong data from the Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs." The Chinese Embassy in Cambodia expressed serious concern and strong opposition to this.

 The Chinese side claims that it strongly opposes and suppresses all forms of cyber-attacks, whether encouraging, supporting or favoring hacker attacks.

 According to the official Facebook page of the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia said "In this world, the United States is the largest source of cyber attacks, and its eavesdropping and monitoring behaviors are not even spared by "allies." On the issue of cyber security, America’s credit has long gone bankrupt. Making things out of nothing, calling out thieves, and instigating divorce is nothing more than "the emperor’s new dress". It has no value except self-deception.”

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia added that the dissemination of the article was based entirely on US fiction, with clear gaps in practicality and logical thinking.

Reuters reported that the target of the hack, which two sources with knowledge of the indictment said was Cambodia’s foreign ministry, was also revealing - discussions between China and Cambodia over the use of the Mekong River, which has become a new battleground for U.S. and Chinese influence in Southeast Asia.

 “A Reuters article stated that the Chinese embassy in Cambodia did not respond. This is not true.” The Chinese Embassy in Cambodia emphasized that they have never received inquiries from Reuters on this matter, nor will it miss an opportunity to clarify the facts and put it right.

The Chinese spokesman said they hope that Reuters will strictly observe objectivity in the future and enhance the professionalism and seriousness of reporting.

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