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Prime Minister Tells Sam Rainsy to be Clearer in His Point

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen has instructed opposition leader Sam Rainsy to listen to Hun Manet's explanation in order to understand the situation regarding his enrolment at West Point Military Academy, rather than spread false information.

The Prime Minister shared a video through his official Telegram channel of Hun Manet's response to Sam Rainsy regarding the opposition leader’s Facebook post on a letter Hun Manet wrote to his father almost 30 years ago. The Prime Minister shared this video on Wednesday afternoon, 15 March 2023, and wrote, “If you are older, be clearer in your point than those who are younger. If you are not clear about the subject matter, you should go to West Point and ask them directly.”

In the video, Lt. Gen. Hun Manet responds to a Facebook post made by Sam Rainsy alleging that a letter written by Hun Manet to his father expressing his desire to attend West Point “shows his incompetence”. The Lt. Gen. explained that he did not write that letter to his father to help him get into the military academy but was only describing the application process.

"A person who received a Master's Degree from France read a letter written by a 16-year-old and did not understand it,” said Lt. Gen. Hun Manet. “I do not understand!”

Sam Rainsy made a post on his official Facebook page on Monday, 12 March, alleging that Hun Manet was only able to attend West Point Military Academy because of his father’s influence and position as Prime Minister.

Lt. Gen. Hun Manet stated that Sam Rainsy has no understanding of the application process for West Point, as the military academy has a strict entrance exam that all applicants must pass to get in. Additionally, he said that his application followed the process outlined by the US Embassy in Cambodia, by which he was officially nominated.

"In Cambodia, those who are studying abroad are not just the children of leaders!” he said. “Recently, a boy who attended the military academy was just a cow herder but he still managed to attain a degree. [You can attend] as long as you are qualified. If only the children of leaders could pass or be admitted, are you accusing the United States of corruption?"

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