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Asura and Deva Statues Excavated At Angkor’s Takao Gate

Siem Reap: There’s been a pleasant surprise for the restoration team at Takao Gate at Angkor Thom. They’ve unearthed some ancient statues of Asura and Deva. A total of 15 artifacts have been found. Apsara National Authority archaeologist, Ms. Kim Sengpheakdey, says three Asura heads have been found in good condition, while the other three are quite badly damaged. There were also four Asura bodies found. The three Deva heads are not in as good a condition, with one of them just a piece.

An Asura in Buddhism is a demi-god or titan. They’re described as having three heads with three faces each and either four or six arms. Based on historical stories, Asuras are said to experience a much more pleasurable life than humans, but they are plagued by envy for the Devas, whom they see as animals are perceived humans. The Deva is considered to be a guardian of the gods.

Work on the Takao Gate began some months ago. It is one of the more well-known structures at Angkor, being one of the main gateways into Angkor Thom, where the Bayon Temple is located. The restoration work involves more than stabilizing and restructuring the gate itself. Its famous bridge and roadway are also being renovated.

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