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Hun Manet: Peace and Political Stability are Foundations for Development

BATTAMBANG: Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and Commander-in-Chief of the Army, Lt. Gen. Hun Manet, has stated that peace, political stability, macroeconomic and public security are the foundation for development and peaceful living.

"Peace, political and macroeconomic stability as well as public security, which is the foundation for development and peaceful living, has been vigorously defended by the entirety of the national force, united strongly around the Royal Government led by Prime Minister Hun Sen,” said Lt. Gen. Hun Manet at the Inauguration Ceremony of the Achievements made by the 52nd Infantry Brigade and the Battambang Sub-Brigade on Tuesday, 14 March 2023. “This especially cannot be lacking from the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, which is a national armed force that has always been loyal to the nation, religion and King.”

Lt. Gen. Hun Manet said that since its establishment in 2002, the 52nd Infantry Brigade and its subordinate units have continued to develop with pride, especially under the direct care of the Prime Minister.

He added that these advances are also inseparable from the support of ministries and civil society organizations, sister units and philanthropists, as well as the dedicated and creative efforts of all leaders and soldiers.

"Until now, the Royal Government has always paid attention to the well-being of veterans and their families through the introduction of various policies and mechanisms aimed at maintaining close relations with all armed forces who have left the line of duty, because this is a virtue and an expression of gratitude for the veterans who made sacrifices to serve the nation and the people,” said Lt. Gen. Hun Manet.

He further called on the people to trust the Royal Government, the Ministry of National Defense, the General Command and the Army Command, to be committed to defending the nation, religion, King and the people, and to jointly safeguard peace, stability, security and public order.

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