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PM Wants to See Hydropower Site Transformed into Tourist Attraction

PURSAT: Prime Minister Hun Sen has stated that he wants to transform the Stung Pursat 1 hydropower site in Bramoy commune, Veal Veng district of Pursat province into an attractive tourist area.

Prime Minister Hun Sen met with the residents of Bramoy commune, Veal Veng district of Pursat Province who received compensation for the impact caused by the construction of the Stung Pursat 1 dam on Tuesday morning, 14 March 2023, where he remarked on his desire to see the hydropower site turned into a tourist attraction.

“When we finish the construction [of the new dam], I want this area to become an attractive tourist destination in the future through road preparation," he said.

The Prime Minister explained that he wants companies to build more dams and also create more resorts in the area. He said he wants to see Veal Veng district transform into a natural tourist area rich in attractions, while in the past, the district was seen as a place of war.

According to a report from the Pursat Provincial Administration, there are currently 39 resorts and tourist sites in Pursat Province, including five cultural resorts, 11 recycling sites, nine ecotourism sites, 10 community and ecotourism sites and four agro-tourism sites.

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