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PM Urges Citizens to Beware of Telegram Scams

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen has warned citizens to beware of scams on the instant messaging service, Telegram, after someone using a profile picture of Oknha Khun Sear tried to scam the Prime Minister into sending money to them.

In a voice message send on Sunday night, 12 March 2023, Prime Minister Hun Sen said that the scammer was trying to get him to send money through ABA Bank, and when he investigated the account further, he found that the scammer is living in Taiwan.

"I want you to be careful with such cases, maybe they do not know that the number [they are messaging] is the Prime Minister's, so everyone has to be careful," said Prime Minister Hun Sen.

He also shared the scammers phone number and account with the public.

On 12 August 2022, Prime Minister Hun Sen warned a fraudster who was using his picture and name in a fake Telegram account that he would have to face the law for impersonating the Prime Minister. He shared the fake account's details with the public and warned everyone to not be deceived by this person.

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