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GGEAR Group Introduce Five New State of the Art Air Conditioners to the Cambodian Market

PHNOM PENH: GGEAR Group has brought five new 2023 LG Air Conditioner models to Cambodia, which are designed to meet the needs of customers and especially adapt to the environment from season to season.

The five new LG 2023 air conditioners were unveiled at the Phnom Penh Hotel on Thursday night, 9 March 2023, with more than 100 business partners in attendance.

The Vice President of GGEAR Group, Hor Hab, stated that LG has been consistently updating its products in line with the constant evolution of technology, to ensure that all products are modernized and utilizing the latest machine technology. The new 2023 LG air conditioners are more modern and energy saving (able to save up to 70%), making sure that customers do not need to spend a lot of money with their regular use.

He added that these air conditioners are also quieter and cooler than before, and some models even have a built-in air purification ionizer that makes the air cool and fresh. The machines are capable of absorbing pollen and dust from the atmosphere, and also help to kill germs in the room.

The Vice President further detailed the five new models of LG’s air conditioners introduced to the Cambodian market. The first is the most modern, with a built-in air purification system that freshens the air in the surrounding environment. The second is part of the UV nano series, equipped with UV Nano technology that has the ability to kill all kinds of germs.

The third is the Series Skin Care Antiseptic (2PA) air conditioner that aids in skin care and disinfection, making it suitable for use in the bedroom. The fourth is a Dual Cool (A31 & 5AH) standard type air conditioner, the most affordable unit with energy saving technology and quiet sound. The fifth and final one is part of the new non-inverter series, a high energy saver that is easy to use and very popular in Cambodia.

The GGEAR Vice President expects the competition in Cambodia’s electronic market to become more equal in 2023, as the government is strengthening and taking action on the import of duty-free electronics. He noted that this is a positive development from 2022, as last year, a small handful of competitors imported tax evaded products, causing companies that paid full taxes to lose revenue and impact youth employment.

"Taking this great opportunity, I urge all business partners to join us, as well as the government, in eliminating the importation of illegal products, tax evasion and distribution in harmful markets," he said. "To affect the price of products in the market affects national income as a whole, and also affects the development of youth resources and the national economy."

He said that in order to ensure the stability and sustainability of revenue and transparency in the electronic market, people must start distributing only quality products that have been imported with the right tax, as products of companies that are officially recognized by the Ministry, in order to prevent other effects that may be caused to the economy, now and in the future.

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