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PM Tells Cambodian Businesswoman to Respect the Traditional Form of Culture

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen has said that the exhibition of Khmer cultural art is a good thing, however, it can be dangerous when such exhibitions do not respect the traditional form of art.

In a special audio message sent on Wednesday morning, 8 March 2023, the Prime Minister told Cambodian businesswoman, Try Dana, to respect the decisions of the Ministry of Culture and cooperate with the Ministry to prepare her display of traditional Khmer clothing in line with original practice and form.

“It is good to promote Khmer culture, but if any display of such is wrong, it is tantamount to destroying Khmer culture,” said Prime Minister Hun Sen. “It is better not to show than to show something like this! Mrs. Try Dana should cooperate thoroughly with the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, and if there is a need, [she should] ask the Ministry of Culture to send a technician to inspect the exhibition site.”

Cambodian businesswoman, Try Dana, recently accused the Ministry of Culture of making it difficult for her to organize an exhibition of traditional clothing at Angkor Wat, stating that she no longer wished to continue working or cooperating with them. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture has stated that it does not wish to cause difficulties, but would like to help Try Dana ensure that her exhibition of traditional clothing is displayed in the correct form.

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