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Prime Minister Hails China’s Loan Assistance for Infrastructure Development

Phnom Penh: Prime Minister Hun Sen has expressed his “deep appreciation” for China’s willingness to grant low-interest loans for infrastructure development. This follows the release of a report by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport that Cambodia has loaned $2.8-billion from China for the construction of roads, bridges and the Phnom Penh Autonomous Port.

The Prime Minister says, “The presence of these roads and bridges have contributed to attracting more investors to develop Cambodia. Better infrastructure has helped factories move away from the city and closer to people in remote areas. This is in line with the government’s slogan: ‘there are roads, there are bridges, there is hope’”. He says the country’s economy has changed dramatically with roads and bridges extending to remote areas, improving access to cities for farmers, as well as connecting Cambodia with its neighbours.

He has highlighted that China has not only provided low-interest loans and assistance in infrastructure construction, but also provided training to the Ministry of Public Works. He says without this assistance, he doubts where Cambodia would have gotten it from. “Others have only said things about Cambodia but they have not given us anything. So, if we do not have good relations with China, can we afford to pay for our infrastructure ourselves? I strongly believe that it is not wrong for us to pursue a partnership policy with China."

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