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Hun Manet: The CPP Is A Political Party That Is Mature And Loyal To The Nation

Phnom Penh: A member of the Standing Committee of the Cambodian People's Party and chairman of the party's youth movement, Mr. Hun Manet, said that the CPP is a political party that is mature and loyal to the motherland and the people.

Speaking at a meeting with professors, teachers at public and private technical and vocational education and training institutions in Phnom Penh on February 26, 2023, Mr. HUN Manet said that the party has achieved many major achievements since January 7, 1979, for example, saving the lives of the people from the massacre of the Pol Pot regime, preventing the return of the Pol Pot genocidal regime and fighting against the common enemy of the Khmer nation, war and internal division, which took place in our Angkor territory more than 500 years ago until the complete cessation of these hostilities and the attainment of complete peace throughout the country through the win-win policy of Prime Minister Hun Sen with the participation of all leaders All classes and members of the Cambodian People's Party.

"Let all the people continue to maintain this peace to be stable for our Cambodian generation for all eternity," he said.

He stated that since its inception on June 28, 1951, the Cambodian People's Party (CPP) has been a mature and loyal political party in the forefront of the nation, the motherland and the people, and has a strategic leadership. Wise and creative and always adhere to the principles of "collective leadership, responsible individuals" and have clear policies to serve the interests of the people and national development.

In today, Mr. HUN Manet would like to commend the efforts of the leaders, professors, teachers in public and private technical and vocational education and training institutions, all members of the Cambodian People's Party, who have helped Development of TVET institutions, both public and private, 107 institutions, with more than 60,000 graduate students every year across the country. At the same time, the instituet been actively involved in social work, including setting up a small-scale Kovid-19 treatment center, and participating in a Covid-19 vaccination campaign for government officials and workers in factories, enterprises and companies. Private as well as many other affairs.

He said that technical and vocational education and training (TVET) plays an indispensable role in the development of human capital. The Royal Government of Cambodia, led by the Cambodian People's Party, strives to expand and expand TVET investment and development to produce human capital with knowledge, both hardware and software, in response to the needs of the labor market in the industrial sector, socio-economic development directions. In particular, the technological changes of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

"Obviously, in 2023, Cambodia is continuing to organize the 6th National Technical and Vocational Education and Training Day (TVET DAY) under the theme" TVET provides appropriate skills and jobs "in order to promote technical and vocational education and training. As well as to disseminate to students, youth, parents, guardians, workers, employees, employers and the private sector, as well as the public to better understand the importance of education, training, technical and vocational training in the development of quality and effective skills to respond. To the needs of the labor market, both domestically and abroad.

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