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ASEAN-Japan Collaborate on Sustainable Agriculture

Phnom Penh: ASEAN and Japan have committed themselves to working together towards sustainable agricultural production while fighting climate change. The agreement to cooperate was conducted during a virtual meeting held on Monday. Japan’s Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Nogami Kotaro, chaired the meeting and highlighted the efforts and cooperation in the fight against climate change which is currently affecting agricultural production and food security.

Mr. Kotaro also emphasized that the purpose of the ASEAN-Japan joint statement was to draw the world’s attention to agricultural-based economies, especially those in regions reliant on the monsoon. He says climate change is an important factor affecting the sustainability of agricultural production and food systems of ASEAN member countries. “This Joint Statement will play an important role in actively engaging with private sector development partners to strengthen international cooperation in assisting countries that rely primarily on agricultural production, both financial and agricultural resources”.

Cambodia’s Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Mr. Veng Sakhon, expressed his full support for the “joint statement”, saying “this is important because it is in line with the policy and plan for the development of Cambodia's agricultural sector through 2030, which sets out the policy on agricultural production, increasing efficiency and competitiveness and increasing agricultural production while taking into account environmental sustainability”.

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