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Koh Kong Province Has 35 Islands, of Which 12 Do Not Yet Have Official Names

KOH KONG: The Governor of Koh Kong Province, Mithona Phuthong, has confirmed that Koh Kong Province has a total of 35 small and large islands, of which nine have coral and 17 of them are invested in by nine different companies.

Speaking at the press conference on the achievements made by the Koh Kong Provincial Administration in the past five years, held at the Office of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday afternoon, 21 February 2023, Governor Mithona Phuthong said that there are 12 islands in Koh Kong that have not yet been officially named and are currently only unofficially named by the residents who live in the area.

These 12 islands are Snail Island, Koh Chak, Koh Yor, Koh Por, Koh Loy, Koh Kang, Koh Sralao, Koh Kapi, Koh Andet, Koh Mom, Koh Smach and Koh Chak.

"As for these 12 islands, they have not been officially named yet, but we have names for them that the locals use," said the Koh Kong Governor. "These islands are geographically referred to by the people as the names of villages and districts."

She added that Koh Kong is a province with great natural resources for tourism and ecotourism, with mangrove forests, waterfalls, coastal areas, coral reefs and numerous islands. She said that the province is currently focusing on the development of tourism.

The Director of the Koh Kong Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Ei Meng Leang, assured that the agricultural crops and seafood in Koh Kong are rich, all natural and able to meet the needs of tourists visiting the seaside province.

Koh Kong province has 215 km of beaches out of a total of 240 km of coastline throughout Cambodia. The province is a member of the World's Most Beautiful Beach Club and is nicknamed the 'Sunrise Star in the Southwest'. In addition, Sakor Beach ranked 2nd, and Cham Yeam Beach ranked 3rd, in the recent Clean Beach Contest held in the coastal area.

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