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Korea Pledges to Recruit More Than 10,000 Cambodian Workers by 2023

PHNOM PENH: The Republic of Korea has promised to establish a quota to recruit more than 10,000 Cambodian workers in 2023, and to increase the number of workers even more in the coming years.

The Republic of Korea recruits Cambodian workers through the Committee for Training and Sending Workers Abroad (MTOSB) of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training, and intends to increase the quota to recruit more capable and diligent Cambodian workers for Korean employers in the future.

The country has pledged to establish a larger quota to accept Cambodian workers for employment in the Republic of Korea. This matter was discussed during a meeting on how Cambodian workers can be recruited more quickly and integrated back into society after returning home, between the Minister of Labor and Vocational Training, Ith Sam Heng, and the President of the Human Resources Development Service of the Republic of Korea, Uh Soobong, on Monday, 20 February 2023.

The Republic of Korea intends to raise its quota for the number of Cambodian workers employed in the country after assessing that Cambodian workers are honest, diligent and pay attention to their work, much to the delight of Korean employers.

Minister Ith Sam Heng said that even during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Republic of Korea has continued to recruit Cambodian workers with good care and support provided.

He added that he has observed that some of the Cambodian workers returning to the Kingdom have progressed and aided the national economy, becoming entrepreneurs and well-known investors.

The President of the Human Resources Development Service of the Republic of Korea affirmed that Korea will organize a skills training program for foreign workers who have completed their employment terms, and Cambodia could become a priority country to benefit from this project. He added that this project would provide loans to help workers be able to run a business properly and earn a good income.

The Cambodian Labor Minister said he is satisfied with this project proposed by the Republic of Korea to train foreign workers and impart them with specific skills training that will help them start their own businesses. He added that he wishes to see workers from Cambodia become one of the top priorities for the Republic of Korea in the scope of foreign employee recruitment.

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