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Friendship Between Cambodian PM and French President is Beyond What We’ve Seen

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen has remarked on the close relationship he has with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, saying that the two of them are working together on security, regional and international issues.

Speaking at the Graduation Ceremony for Students of the University of Human Resources on Monday morning, 20 February 2023, at the OCIC Conference Hall in Phnom Penh, Prime Minister Hun Sen addressed some of the opposition groups living in France who like to use insulting words against him, saying that the relationship he has with French President, Emmanuel Macron, is beyond what they have seen.

He said that he and President Macron are so close that they even communicate directly by phone.

“On 27 December, I relied on HE Sok Chenda to help me, and I messaged Emmanuel in French," he said. "After sending, he saw it immediately, I know, because on WhatsApp it shows when someone has seen the message. He did not answer immediately, but when he did, he answered in Khmer, calling me Bong Sen.”

The Prime Minister asked Cambodians living in France who have always criticized him to be clear that he is working together with President Macron on security, regional and international issues.

He further stated that his visit to meet the French President in 2022, was following an invitation from President Macron, and during that time he also met with the German Chancellor following an invitation from the Chancellor.

The Prime Minister added that he always values his fellow country leaders, whether they are the leaders of small or large countries, which is why he cannot accept insults made by certain analysts that looked down upon his recent visit to the Maldives because it is a small country. 

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