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Ministry of Economy Aims to Strengthen Efficiency and Transparency of National Social Protection System

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Economy has organized Social Protection Week 2023 to strengthen the efficiency and transparency of the social protection system in Cambodia to make people aware of the development of the country’s social protection system.

At the opening ceremony of Social Protection Week on Monday, 13 February 2023, the Secretary-General of the National Social Protection Council of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Chan Narith, stated that the National Council for Social Protection has approved and began implementing the national program and social security system with the intention to expand protection to the people better.

He said that Social Protection Week 2023 aims to create opportunities for all stakeholders, including government institutions, company representatives, employees, development partners and civil society organizations to come together to discuss and comment on policies and the process of implementing social protection regimes or programs in order to improve the national social protection system. In 2023, the forum has set "Strengthening the efficiency and transparency of the Cambodian social protection system" as the theme for the discussion.

Chan Narith also mentioned that in addition to the existing National Social Assistance Program and Social Security Regime, there is also the "Cash Support Program for Poor and Vulnerable Families in the Fight Against Covid-19", and the government has continued to support more than 700,000 Cambodian families for the past 31 months.

In December 2022, the National Council for Social Protection also launched two additional special social assistance interventions: the "Cash support and assistance program for vulnerable families facing inflationary pressures” and the "Cash support program to vulnerable families affected by the floods to improve livelihoods of target families across the country."

Meanwhile, the Minister of Economy and Finance and Chairman of the National Council for Social Protection, DPM Aun Porn Moniroth, stated that the organization of Social Protection Week 2023 is part of efforts to strengthen the principles of good governance in the social protection system, creating opportunities for policymakers to listen to discussions and hear about policy-making results for better policy planning in the future.

He said strengthening efficiency and transparency were important to ensure that both the state budget and contributions made by employers and workers were used in a targeted manner and not wasted while developing the social protection system. He said it is necessary that Cambodia move forward towards better, stronger, more efficient and transparent governance.

It should be noted that Social Protection Week 2023 will be held for three days from 13-15 February 2023. The week is intended to promote the development of the national social protection system, the strategic roadmap for the development of the base social protection policy, the development of national social assistance programs and the strengthening of social protection mechanisms towards greater transparency and accountability.

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