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Takeo Police Explain Incident Where Gang Members Threw Stones at a Car on National Road No. 3

TAKEO: The Takeo Provincial Police Chief has clarified the case of a gang that threw stones at a car, causing one person to be seriously injured. He stated that the authorities are currently still looking for the gang members involved.

The Takeo Provincial Police confirmed that on 23 January 2023, an unidentified gang threw stones at a car window (a white Ford) traveling from Kampot to Phnom Penh along National Road No. 3 between kilometer 78-79 in Trapeang Kna village, Ang Ta Som commune, Tram Kak district, Takeo province, causing one person to be seriously injured and rushed to the hospital.

The Tram Kak District Police Inspectorate reportedly arrived at the scene immediately after receiving information about this incident, and conducted a security camera search to try and identify the gang members involved.

Prior to the incident, there were two groups of gangsters present at the scene chasing each other on their motorbikes (one group was riding seven to eight motorbikes, while the other group was riding 10 to 15 motorbikes). A group of four motorcyclists tried to throw stones back at the other gang members chasing them, causing some of the stones to get deflected and hit the white Ford.

The Takeo Provincial Police confirmed that video camera footage shows that the gang were no longer in Tram Kak district, and specialized forces now continue to search and try to identify the members to move the case forward.

It should be noted that security in Tram Kak district along National Road No. 3 cracked down on four cases involving gangs driving unsafely and causing insecurity in 2022 and early 2023. One case involved throwing stones at a car window, two cases of gangsters speeding on motorcycles and chasing one another, and one case of transporting illegal weapons (knives, swords). A total of 11 suspects have so far been apprehended. A case against such gang behavior is currently being built to send to the provincial court, in accordance with the legal procedures in place. There is also a plan to set up a patrol force at key targets to prevent gang crimes from occurring in a timely manner.

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