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Conservationists See Fishing Cat Mother Walking with Cub for First Time in 5 Years

PHNOM PENH: Conservationists of the Cambodian Fishing Cat Project claim to have discovered the first presence of a fishing cat cub in Cambodia after monitoring the wild cat species for more than five years.

The conservationists confirmed on their official social media pages that they were excited to have discovered the presence of a mother fishing cat walking with her cub for the first time since they began monitoring the wild cats' population in 2017.

"We have been monitoring fishing cats in Cambodia for more than five years, precisely since 2017. This year, we obtained footage of a fishing cat mother and her cub for the first time in Cambodia, and we are really excited and happy for this great news," the conservationists wrote.

According to the same source, fishing cat cubs are born after a 60- to 70-day gestation period. Normally, one to four cubs are born. Newborn fishing cat cubs typically weigh about 150 grams. The cubs learn to fish by watching their mother, and at the age of 10 months, should be ready to venture out on their own.

The fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinu) has an enhanced ability and skill in hunting for aquatic species, and are most active at night.

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