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Five Companies Closed and Four More Under Investigation for Human Trafficking

PHNOM PENH: A report from the Minister of Interior states that the Cambodian government has closed five companies and suspended the operations of four others after authorities received 707 complaints of potential human trafficking in January 2023.

The Minister of Interior, DPM Sar Kheng, said during the dissemination of foreign labor management work in Cambodia on Friday, 20 January 2023, that there were 707 complaints of potential human trafficking at these companies that have been investigated and a total of 445 confirmed cases found involving 1,045 foreigners. As a result, 120 suspects of various nationalities have been arrested. Meanwhile, 229 cases were closed due to the reported locations not being found and due to the information provided being too vague.

DPM Sar Kheng added that during the inspection, if there was any suspicion of human trafficking, labor trafficking, sex trafficking or other crimes, the joint inspection team was instructed to immediately report to the Capital-Provincial Unity Command and the Inter-Ministerial Commission to take action in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.

Cambodian authorities have launched a campaign to combat human trafficking, labor trafficking and the sex trade in a transparent, open, participatory and accountable manner. Any individuals, families or other stakeholders who are victims of trafficking are urged to provide information or file a complaint through the Minister of Interior's Facebook page, or through the National Police hotline and other communication systems of the General Department of Immigration.

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