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PM Tells Lawyer to File Lawsuit Against Opposition Party Once More

PHNOM PENH: The Prime Minister of Cambodia and the President of the Cambodian People's Party (CPP), Hun Sen, has told his lawyer to study the statement made by the opposition party and prepare to file a lawsuit in court once again. The statement made by the opposition party asserts that the ruling CPP is cracking down on the opposition, without evidence.

Speaking at the ceremony to inspect the construction of the Techo Santepheap National Hospital on Thursday morning, 19 January 2023, Prime Minister Hun Sen said that he had seen the statement made by the Candlelight Party accusing the ruling party. He said to the Candlelight Party that they must show evidence of threats made by the ruling party.

"As the president of the CPP, I do not want you to insult my party," said the Prime Minister.

He further stated that the culture of apology should be abolished, and from now on he will make no exceptions and no longer tolerate such accusations.

"From today, no exceptions, no tolerance. From the bottom to the top (opposition officers),” he said.

“You deserve prison, I told you. The fish in the basket, I can catch you and eat you this time,” he added.

The Prime Minister’s reaction comes after the Candlelight Party released a statement accusing the CPP of cracking down on the opposition.

"If you did not attack us, we would not do anything,” said the Prime Minister.

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