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Techo Santepheap National Hospital Will Be the Largest Hospital In Cambodia

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen has said that the Techo Santepheap National Hospital will be the largest hospital in Cambodia, equipped with modern medical equipment that meets national standard. The hospital will provide all forms of medical services and will have up to 10,000 beds.

During a meeting with about 1,200 construction workers at the site of the National Techo Santepheap Hospital, the Prime Minister stated that this hospital is 10 times larger than the Cambodia-Soviet Friendship Hospital, which only has the capacity for 1,000 beds.

"This hospital is very strong, with a lifespan of 70 years, but if we do not know how to maintain it, it can be destroyed in only 10 years,” said the Prime Minister.

The Techo Santepheap National Hospital is located in Sangkat Kork Roka, Khan Prek Pnov, Phnom Penh. The hospital has 11 buildings with the capacity for almost 10,000 patient beds, and 234 beds for physicians. It also has a large parking space that can fit up to 210 cars, as well as 4,490 square meters of green garden.

This Hospital was built by CJEC co., Ltd. in collaboration with Phnom Penh Capital Hall. The construction of the Techo Santepheap National Hospital was started on 14 February 2022 by the Phnom Penh Capital Administration.

This large national hospital is scheduled to be completed and officially opened in June 2023.

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