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Ministry of Health Warns People to be Careful of Bird Flu on Chinese New Year

PHNOM PENH: The Ministry of Health has warned people to be careful about bird flu and Covid-19, and to also take measures to prevent food poisoning or alcohol poisoning during the upcoming Chinese New Year.

The Ministry of Health has observed that during ancestral ceremonies, many people buy poultry, which could put them at risk of transmitting the bird flu virus to animals and humans if not safely handled. Meanwhile, food poisoning or alcohol poisoning is also often observed in some areas of the country during this time.

Therefore, the Ministry has reminded all citizens to continue taking personal precautions with a high sense of responsibility, to protect themselves from the Covid-19 virus, especially the new variants, as well as bird flu and other diseases. The Ministry also included prevention measures for food poisoning or alcohol poisoning in daily life, and during festivals or ancestral ceremonies.

The Ministry has instructed local authorities to inspect breweries or wineries to ensure proper compliance with the rules and regulations, including the avoidance of methanol.

The Ministry advises citizens not to buy or produce or consume wine that does not have a reliable source and may not be made in compliance with proper technical standards, and further advises against mixing methanol into wine, which can cause serious alcohol poisoning and even death.

"Avoid mixing wine or other liquors with other wines or with any beverage that you do not know, as your reaction to it can be toxic and even life-threatening," the Ministry stated.

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