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Director General of Customs and Excise Confirms There is No Exemption for Tax Evasion of Motorbikes

PHNOM PENH: The Director General of Customs and Excise, Kun Nhim, has confirmed that there will be no additional time given to come and pay taxes for large motorcycles, but the drivers are encouraged to come and declare their taxes. He said that if some still refuse to pay their taxes and law enforcement officers catch motorcycle owners while on the road, drivers will be fined double the amount.

Speaking at a press conference on the tax collection results of existing tax evasion cases on Thursday evening, 12 January 2023, Director General Kun Nhim confirmed that after a campaign was launched to find up to 150 motorbikes that had evaded taxes, the department identified some conditions which allow motorbike tax evasion to take place, such as the entrance of motorbikes through the border of neighboring countries and the fraudulent use of transport containers.

He said that from now on, in addition to strengthening border checks, the customs department will increase inspection work on all containers to confirm that no tax evading motorcycles can be imported into the country.

For tax evading motorcycles that are already being used in the country, Kun Nhim encouraged the motorbike owners to come forward and declare their taxes while warning that if authorities catch them on the road, the fines given can be severe.

"Drivers who already own such motorbikes [in the country] and want to come to pay taxes can come and do so, but the fine is less than the fine that will be given [if caught on the road]," he said.

He further stated that some large motorcycle owners have money to buy these modern vehicles, but still continue to ride without paying taxes.

“Modern motorcycles have high prices, high taxes, so you can also pay a little more for the fines, because you can afford it!” he said.

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