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PM: It is Time to Take Back the House and Land Kong Koam Swindled

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen has reaffirmed that the house and land belonging to Kong Koam in Phnom Penh's Chamkar Mon district are actually fraudulently under his name, so it is time for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take them back.

Prime Minister Hun Sen made a post on his Facebook page on Wednesday evening, 11 January, addressing Kong Koam's interpretation that the ownership of his land and house in Chamkar Mon district received "understanding" from the Prime Minister back when he was the Minister of Foreigners Affairs.

"I would like to confirm that I understood the residence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but I never decided to hand over the house and land to Kong Koam as private property, and the house and land still belong to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs," wrote Prime Minister Hun Sen.

He further added that Kong Koam had falsified ownership of the land and state house as private property, so it was time for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take it back and use it for the Ministry's work.

It should be noted that Kong Koam's house is currently the headquarters of the Khmer Will Party, located near the Russian Embassy in Phnom Penh, an area in which land can cost US $10,000 per square meter.

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