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Interior Minister Instructs Capital-Provincial Governors to Resolve All Complaints Properly

PHNOM PENH: The Minister of Interior, DPM Sar Kheng, has instructed all Capital-Provincial Governors to resolve all complaints received from victims clearly and correctly, without leaving anything out or making mistakes.

Speaking at the forum on the partnership between the Royal Government and civil society organizations on Tuesday morning, 10 January, at the Sokha Hotel, DPM Sar Kheng warned that if capital-provincial governors continue to do their work lightly, he will one day begin summoning each provincial governor one by one to report each case directly to him.

He explained that even if a capital-provincial governor or the authorities try to cover up a crime, when a complaint is received and not properly resolved, the Ministry will know of this through its system of accountability and inspection, and will summon all provincial governors to report directly on the case inaction.

According to the DPM, the Ministry of Interior has received 700 complaints so far, with an average of more than 10 complaints per day.

"This is the result of our efforts to help victims after a complaint for help is received," said the Interior Minister.

He further emphasized that the Cambodian government has been paying attention to maintaining security, public order and fighting against other crimes, including all forms of human trafficking. He said that human trafficking is a violation of human rights and is a more complicated issue than other crimes such as theft and robbery.

The Minister of Interior also instructed the Capital, Provincial Administrative Unity Command and the Judicial Police to work together to eradicate money laundering and terrorism financing, as well as the financing of weapons of mass destruction. Furthermore, he urged them to continue working hard to combat and suppress all forms of human trafficking, the production and distribution of drugs of all kinds, as well as gambling.

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