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Cambodia Approved 165 Projects Worth US $3.8 Billion in 2022

PHNOM PENH: The Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) approved 165 projects with an investment capital of US $3.8 billion in 2022, creating 161,995 jobs, according to a report from the CDC.

The approved projects involve the production of garments, bags, cardboard, animal equipment, hospitals, hydropower, solar panels, cotton, lighting, shopping malls, car assembly plants, five-star hotels and more.

The CDC has the largest number of investment registration projects, with an investment of US $249.9 million dollars, including 54 garment factories providing 89,472 jobs, which was the largest investment project of 2022. The development of logistics centers and ports amassed a total of US $1.3 billion in investments and will create 590 jobs.

In addition, there are 38 investment projects in special economic zones (SEZ) worth a total value of US $558.805 million, creating 14,758 jobs.

Back in 2021, the CDC only approved 161 investment projects with a total investment capital of nearly US $4 billion, creating 109,413 jobs.

There was only a short fall in dollar investments this year compared to the last, however, an extra approximate 50,000 jobs were also created.

With 161 projects outside the SEZ, 125 have a total investment of US $1.97 billion, and 36 in the SEZ have a total investment of more than US $1.98 billion.

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