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Two Families with Triplets Receive Gifts from the Prime Minister

PHNOM PENH: Charitable donations from the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and First Lady Bun Rany Hun Sen were taken by the Prime Minister's assistant, Seng Teang to the families of triplets, the 393rd and 394th families at the Maternal and Child Health Center and Department Phnom Penh National Pediatric Hospital on the morning, 25 December 2022.

Assistant to the Prime Minister, Seng Teang said that from 1999 to the present, for more than 23 years, 394 families have given birth to triplets or quadruplets. The Prime Minister and his wife send generous support to the families to help alleviate the hardships of daily life, in particular, raising three babies of whom the Prime Minister and the First Lady also consider as their grandchildren.

He stated that all these grants are not donations from the Royal Government, donations from the Cambodian Red Cross, or donations from the party to serve as political activities; on the contrary, all these gifts are sincerely given by the Prime Minister and the First Lady who understand the difficulties for people who have given birth to triplets babies.

The family who gave birth to triplets received 5 million riels (1,250usd) per family, 50 kilograms of rice, 2 large boxes of milk, 5 kilograms of sugar, 2 sarongs, and 2 scarves.

One family gave birth on 24 December 2022, to two boys and a girl, and the other triplet were born on 21 December 2022, to all three boys.

As the health of the mother and the three boys are weak, the Prime Minister’s assistant Seng Teang advised the medical team to continue to monitor the health of the triplets and the mother as they continue to stay in the hospital to get better.

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