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Mr Em Chan Makara Congratulates PM Hun Sen on Receiving the "Distinguished World Leader Lifetime Achievement Award"

PHNOM PENH: Secretary of State of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Secretariat General of the Disability Action Council, Em Chan Makara, congratulated the Prime Minister of Cambodia Hun Sen on the occasion of the Global Chinese Economic & Technology Summit and the Strategic Institute for Asia-Pacific (KSI) presented him the "Distinguished World Leader Lifetime Achievement Award."

On behalf of my family and team, Mr Em Chan Makara said on Monday, December 19, 2022: "Prime Minister Hun Sen is very deserving of receiving this award, and we are very proud to express our gratitude to the PM and remember this heroic example with the utmost respect."

The decision to award the "Distinguished World Leader Lifetime Achievement Award" to the Prime Minister of Cambodia was made after the KSI Institute studied and evaluated in detail the leadership qualities and achievements of PM Hun Sen.

The Institute recognized his ability, wisdom, and conscience for the nation and people of Cambodia and that he has been working tirelessly to bring Cambodia peace, tranquility, progress, and prosperity.

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