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More Paperwork for Annual Visa Extensions

Phnom Penh: If you’ve got your annual visa extension coming up, best you take note. Gone are the days that a letter from your employer and registration on the FPCS app were enough. There’s now a stack of other paperwork you need to take with you when applying.

In addition to your passport, current visa, proof of registration on the “Foreigner Presence in Cambodia System” app and a letter confirming employment, you also now need:

1. A stamped copy of your employer’s tax patent

2. A copy of your full registration on the FPCS app from your landlord

3. A new form, asking for all the information that’s already in your passport, visa and the FPSC app, and,

4. Another passport photograph

It’s not known when the new requirements came into effect, but the good news is that the fees are still the same and the processing time remains 5-10 working days.

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