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Meets Sim Chankiriroth, One of ABC "Exceptional" Individuals

PHNOM PENH: As Season 2 “The Exceptional” presented by ABC approaches the finale this 16 December 2022, EAC News sits down to get to know the 10 exceptional individuals. 

Sim Chankiriroth, Founder & CEO of the award-winning FinTech startup, BanhJi. With 17 years of experience in strategy and finance, he also serves as the vice president of the Young Entrepreneur Association of Cambodia and is part of various other industry boards.

Chankiriroth told EAC News that he felt proud to be recognized by ABC and did not imagine that it was possible in his entrepreneurial journey. This process has been rewarding as it has made him deeply reflective on his career and tackle any challenges as opportunities to succeed. 

He added that some of the challenges he encountered in his career included losing focus and delaying the launch of the project, and being too stubborn to change. However, he is very proud of his company, BanhJi, which has helped many small and medium-sized enterprises in Cambodia survive for the last three years during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He said, “Winning national and international awards are not my rewarding moment. [In fact,] preparing for those awards distracted the direction of the company. [My rewarding moment is] surviving for the last three years in shaping [the] company strategic directions.”

Being an entrepreneur is hard. He encourages those who are building their paths to be prepared and find mentors as soon as possible.

He said, “The entrepreneurship journey is long, hard, and most of the time, painful. So be prepared mentally and financially. Make sure you know when and what makes you fail, and fail fast. Connect with the thought leaders in your fields for their advice and partnership opportunities.”

If Chankiriroth is selected to receive the $20,000, he would like to finally publish his book on financial management which he has been working on since 2013. He would like to share the book with the business communities and students who are interested in this field. 

For more details about “The Exceptional” campaign, you can visit:
ABC’s website: https://abcbeerkh.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ABC.ExtraStoutCambodia
Instagram: @abcbeer.cambodia
YouTube: ABC Beer Cambodia

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