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Meets Nat Soknan, One of ABC "Exceptional" Individuals

As Season 2 “The Exceptional” presented by ABC approaches the finale this 16 December 2022, EAC News sits down to get to know the 10 exceptional individuals.

Nat Soknan, a fashion designer with a background in agriculture, has repeatedly wowed the fashion industry with his premium designs. To ensure that he continues to create the finest evening dresses, tulle, or bridal gowns, Soknan travels the world to source premium materials. His collections have graced the catwalks of KL Fashion Week and Malaysia Fashion Week.

Soknan told EAC News that he is quite a private person, and so it was very surprising to get the call from ABC representative that he has been selected to join season 2 of “The Exceptional” campaign. He said that he had never thought he could become a fashion designer. However, it was destiny. He manifested it into his workshop called "Soknan Atelier".

He said that when he works on something, he works at it every day until he masters it. It was difficult in the early days when people laughed at him for becoming a fashion designer after studying agriculture, but he is proud that he is able to convey to his clients the difference between a “fashion designer” and a “tailor”. He is happy to see people accept and appreciate his artworks.

He never believed that he was better than everyone else as he is constantly in a competition with only himself. He is focused on his path. So he hopes that people who have seen his story will also find their own paths to improve themselves.

He said, “Don’t try to be in someone [else’s] path, you have your own. Find [the] real you, [be] yourself, and never stop improving [your] skill. [Stay] humble!”

If Soknan is selected to receive the $20,000, he would like to share some of it to his staff as he couldn’t be where he is today without them. The rest he would like to use it to improve his skill at École Lesage in Paris, France. He will also use the money to get his brand ready for the next Middle East Fashion Week in Dubai. He said that he had to turn the opportunity last time because it takes a lot of money to get ready and spend on fashion weeks.

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