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CHRC Has Not Yet Received Any Reports of Human Rights Abuses in Prisons

PHNOM PENH: The President of the Cambodian Human Rights Commission (CHRC), Keo Remy, has said that the CHRC has not yet received any complaints from inmates regarding human rights violations in Phnom Penh prisons.

Speaking to the media during an event to comemorate the 75th Anniversary of International Human Rights Day at the Royal University of Phnom Penh on Thursday morning, 8 December 2022, Keo Remy said that after installing a report box inside the Phnom Penh prisons at the end of November, until now there have been no reports submitted. He added that this work needs time to continue because they have to gain the trust and confidence of the inmates for them to report cases.

"Sometimes they are still scared," he said. “It takes time to build trust, confidence, and assuredness, it takes time, but if we do not take steps now, then there are no measure taken at all, [then the CHRC gets criticized by citizens saying we are just] working for a salary, getting a salary from the state [without getting anything done]. Importantly, we need to innovate, be creative, organize, promote and protect human rights, and help the government provide social justice."

The CHRC installed trial complaint boxes in three prisons and correctional centers in Phnom Penh on 24 November 2022, in order to promote mutual respect and protect the rights and freedoms of inmates. Through this report box, all inmates can anonymously file complaints about irregularities in prisons, and exercise their rights and freedoms, getting the CHRC to investigate cases and find resolutions.

In the future, these report boxes will be installed in prisons across the country.

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