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MoH Closes Kampong Speu Private Hospital After Woman’s Intestine is Mistakenly Removed

KAMPONG SPEU: The Ministry of Health has decided to temporarily close 'Deum Angkrong' private hospital in Kampong Speu Province after learning of an alleged case where a woman who went to receive an operation for a miscarriage, also mistakenly had her intestine removed.

Deum Angkrong Hospital, owned by Dr. Sous Chanrasmey, located in Kong Pisey District of Kampong Speu province, has been temporarily closed down after the Ministry of Health was made aware of a Facebook post detailing a shocking case where a factory worker who had received an operation for a miscarriage at the hospital, also mistakenly had her intestine removed in a second operation.

The Facebook post alleges that the doctors mistook her intestine for an umbilical cord and thus wrongly removed it, causing the woman immense pain and placing her in a serious condition.

The Ministry has currently suspended all hospital operations to investigate this case further.

On Tuesday, 29 November, four officials from the Kampong Speu Provincial Health Department went to inspect and inquire about the services at Deum Angkrong Hospital.

According to the Facebook post shared by the victim's cousin, Chan Ra, the victim was five months pregnant when she had a miscarriage and went to Deum Angkrong Hospital to have the fetus removed. Chan Ra alleges that doctors at the hospital then operated on her cousin a second time, saying it was to remove an umbilical cord, however, wrongfully removed her intestine instead.

The victim’s cousin wrote, "Please everyone help her, she was five months pregnant, the baby died in the womb, she went to a clinic on National Road 3, Kilo 27, to get the baby out. The first time she was okay, then she went to get an IV drip for strength, and the midwife took out her intestines and told her husband that it was an umbilical cord, but it was not, it was her large intestine. Then they sent her to a big hospital. The doctor did not take responsibility for this himself.”

In a separate post made on his Facebook account, the victim's husband, Sa Voeun, also wrote, "My dear wife, you must persevere and stand again for our daughter. No matter how much it costs, your husband will spend it for you, my wife… My wife is a good person who knows right from wrong, respects elders, is considerate and gives value to her husband; why did the doctors treat my wife like this?"

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