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Cambodian National Assembly President Pleased with 43rd AIPA General Assembly Results

PHNOM PENH: The Closing Ceremony for the 43rd ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary General Assembly was held on Thursday, 24 November, with Cambodian National Assembly President, Heng Samrin, delivering the closing remarks.

As the President of the 43rd General Assembly of the AIPA, Heng Samrin thanked all delegates for their cooperation, understanding and contribution to the success of the meeting. He said all delegates had worked hard over the past five days to ensure the meeting was meaningful and impactful, and as a result, significant outcomes were achieved.

The National Assembly President highlighted five main outputs from the AIPA General Assembly, the first of which was that the AIPA welcomed three new observer parliaments. He congratulated the National Assemblies of Nepal, Azerbaijan and the Congress of the United States for recognizing and approving full AIPA observer conditions.

The second main output of the meeting was the enhanced mutual trust and understanding within AIPA and between AIPA and observer parliaments. There were 16 dialogue panels held with partners from various parts of the world, reflecting the shared interests, common objectives and collective effort to address challenges together.

The AIPA also adopted several resolutions under the frameworks of WAIPA, YPA, political matters, economic matters, social matters and organizational matters. National Assembly President Heng Samrin underlined that Cambodia proposed two new initiatives this year, including the first meeting of young parliamentarians and the establishment of an AIPA digital law library.

He further noted that the AIPA has demonstrated a spirit of unity and solidarity, with the General Assembly reflecting how member states and partners can come together to share ideas, come up with solutions and policy proposals, and express a collective political commitment to building a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient ASEAN Community.

Finally, National Assembly President Heng Samrin said the 43rd General Assembly of the AIPA proves that the principles of consultation and consensus-based decision making remain fundamental to ASEAN’s unity and centrality, with the added shared observation that the four principles of mutual respect, understanding, trust and interest for peace and prosperity (M4P2) are vital to regional integration and community building.

The Cambodian National Assembly President said he hopes the results achieved at the AIPA General Assembly are translated into concrete actions.

He further congratulated three outstanding figures presented with the AIPA Distinguished Service Award, including the Vice President of the Cambodian National Assembly, the Former Speaker of the Republic of the Philippines, and the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of Brunei Darussalam.

He concluded his remarks by thanking the AIPA National Secretariat, the AIPA Secretariat, the Advisory Council, and all supporting staff for contributing to the success of the General Assembly. 

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