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ASEAN Chair Presents Three Experiences to Achieving Peace in Cambodia

SIEM REAP: The 2022 ASEAN Chairman, Prime Minister Hun Sen, has shared three main features of Cambodia's experience in achieving peace. Those three include openness to negotiations, ensuring security for all parties, and autonomy for the countries involved.

Addressing the Opening Ceremony of the 9th ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting at the Sokha Hotel in Siem Reap on Wednesday morning, 23 November, Prime Minister Hun Sen remarked on Cambodia's experience of more than three decades of civil war, and said that the country can share its experience with others to potentially aid in the process of peacemaking, peacebuilding, peacekeeping, and post-war nation building.

"First of all, we must keep the door open for political dialogue and negotiation," he said. “Second, we must ensure the safety, fairness, and well-being of all parties. Third, we need to be proactive while taking responsibility for the peace process. National ownership is very important for peace talks."

The Prime Minister made these remarks while citing the scourge of civil war in Myanmar, the consequences of which are being felt across the ASEAN region.

It has been 23 years since Cambodia achieved peace and national reconciliation. The country presently has national unity under a single government that benefits from the win-win policy of Prime Minister Hun Sen. Achieving complete peace has given the Royal Government many opportunities to develop the country to this day.

As the Chairman of ASEAN in 2022, Prime Minister Hun Sen has shared his experience of building peace with Myanmar, and has also observed some of the positive outcomes that have come from Cambodia's Chairmanship of ASEAN this year.

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