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PM Urges Cambodian Border Commission to Coordinate Mine Action on Thai Border

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen has ordered the Chairman of the Cambodian Boundary Commission, Var Kimhong, to coordinate with Thailand to resolve the issue of landmines along the Thai border after he discussed this matter with Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, on the sidelines of the ASEAN Summits earlier this month.

Addressing the Closing Ceremony Conference Commemorating 30 Years of Mine Action in Cambodia on Tuesday morning, 22 November, at the Koh Pich Theater in Phnom Penh, Prime Minister Hun Sen said that Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha agreed to work together with Cambodia to clear mines along the border, before setting up border posts.

"[It is not to] determine that this is your land (Thai land) or that this is our land, it is just that this area, that has not yet been demarcated, has mines," said the Prime Minister.

"So we discussed with Thailand, where can we get rid of [the landmines]? We can determine where [Thailand] can help to get rid of it them on [their] land, where [they] can [help] to get rid of it on our land, and we can also get rid of them on our land, get rid of them on [their] land. If [the landmines are cleared] a little bit, it is not a problem. Most importantly, it will make our people happy and safe."

According to the Prime Minister, the current Cambodian-Thai border, which has not yet been clearly demarcated, is suspected to have a 40-kilometer-long stretch that is still inflicted with landmines. The borders between Cambodia and Vietnam and Cambodia and Laos, on the other hand, have already had these issues resolved.


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