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UNDP Hails Cambodia as a World Leader in Empowering the Disabled

Phnom Penh: The United Nations Development Program has praised Cambodia as one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to the empowerment of persons with disabilities. The UNDP’s country representative, Mr. Nick Beresford, says he’s pleased to see how Cambodia’s disability program has improved over time. He made the comments during Monday’s meeting with Secretary of State in the Ministry of Social Affairs, Mr. Em Chan Makara, who is also Secretary General of Cambodia’s Disability Action Council.

The meeting was called to discuss how to improve the country’s national disability program even further. Mr. Nick Beresford described Cambodia as “a leader country”, empowering persons with disabilities and ensuring that no one is being left behind. He said current Covid-19 restrictions in Cambodia did not mean that international collaboration had to stop and that the UNDP will continue to support the Royal Government’s activities for the disabled.

Mr. Em Chan Makara, whose Disability Action Council is also working towards a new Disability Law for Cambodia, says he’s grateful for the UNDP’s support and is looking forward to more projects that advance the needs of those living with disabilities. He says working with the UNDP is vital, especially at a time when persons with disabilities need as much awareness as possible on how to protect themselves against Covid-19.

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