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The Prime Minister Asks Sam Rainsy if He Dares to Bet Against Hun Manet

PHNOM PENH: Prime Minister Hun Sen appears to have no tolerance for opposition leader Sam Rainsy's accusations against his son, Lt. Gen. Hun Manet. The Prime Minister asked Sam Rainsy if he would dare to bet against Hun Manet, while strongly stated that “the seed of a corrupt traitor is still corrupt."

Prime Minister Hun Sen made a post on his official Facebook page on Wednesday morning, 16 November, remarking on how opposition leader Sam Rainsy had made accusations against the King and leaders of the younger generation.

Directing his question at the opposition leader, the Prime Minister asked, "Aren’t you tired? If you did not attack anyone from behind, would lightning come down and strike you?”

On Wednesday morning, Lt. Gen. Hun Manet asked Sam Rainsy if he would be willing to make another bet after the opposition leader accused the Lt. Gen. of spending US $5 million to bribe Cambodians living in France, but was caught by French authorities.

Lt. Gen. Hun Manet said that the fictional stories made by Sam Rainsy were endless, and once again called on the opposition leader to make a bet on their political career again.

"Sam Rainsy has spent decades trying to destroy my father's political career, but has failed," he said. "Now he and his people are constantly trying to find every way to kill my political career. Now I give Sam Rainsy a golden opportunity [to bet against me], he should not give up this opportunity."

Lt. Gen. Hun Manet, 45, has once again called on Sam Rainsy, 73, to make a bet against each other’s political careers. The Lt. Gen. has told the opposition leader to stop attacking younger leaders from behind and to instead come out and face each other one-on-one as soon as possible.

This is the second time that Lt. Gen. Hun Manet has called on Sam Rainsy to bet on his political career after the opposition leader made remarks devaluing Hun Manet’s West Point degree. The opposition leader has so far not responded to any of these calls or made any further effort to defend his arguments.

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