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Svay Sitha: Success in Leading ASEAN Summits Brings National Honor and Prestige to Cambodia

PHNOM PENH: The Minister Attached to the Prime Minister and Chairman of the Press and Quick Reaction Unit, Svay Sitha, has congratulated all involved in the success of the ASEAN Summits, which was led by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Svay Sitha said that after Cambodia successfully concluded the ASEAN Summits on Sunday, 13 November, leaders in the region and around the world have highly praised and shown support to Cambodia. He said the success of leading the ASEAN Summits and Related Summits has generated a great deal of national honor, pride and prestige for the nation and people of Cambodia as a whole.

Cambodia hosted the 40th and 41st ASEAN Summits and Related Summits in Phnom Penh from 10-13 November 2022 with security, safety, cooperation, and historic achievements.

Speaking at a press conference on Sunday evening after the conclusion of the ASEAN Summit, Prime Minister Hun Sen stated that Cambodia's national prestige has been recognized after successfully hosting the summit. He added that even though Cambodia is a small and poor country, it still has the capacity to lead a major international meeting successfully, which is a matter of great pride to the Cambodian people.

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