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Cambodia Hosts 40th and 41st ASEAN Summits

PHNOM PENH: This Friday morning, 11 November 2022, the ASEAN Chairman, Prime Minister Hun Sen, welcomed all honored guests to the 40th and 41st ASEAN Summits and related summits, including the Sultan of Brunei, the President of Indonesia and the Philippines, the Prime Ministers of Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Singapore, and other notable heads of state and governments in attendance, including ASEAN dialogue partners.

Prime Minister Hun Sen extended a warm welcome to all guests based on the ongoing friendly relations among all ASEAN members and external partners who share the same vision of addressing challenges in the region together. The Prime Minister also apologized for the First Lady’s absence due to a back problem that prevents her from sitting for too long. The First Lady is currently being treated for this condition.

Prime Minister Hun Sen delivered the opening remarks for the summit after the ASEAN anthem played and Cambodian artists gave their welcoming performances. Afterwards, the leaders of the ASEAN member states took to the stage to take a group photo.

The Summit agenda for today included a Photo Exhibition on Cambodia’s Contribution to ASEAN, the 40th ASEAN Summit (Plenary Session), the 41st ASEAN Summit (Retreat Session), the 25th ASEAN - China Summit, the 23rd ASEAN - Republic of Korea Summit, and the 12th ASEAN - UN Summit. 

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