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While G-Devith and VannDa are Dissing, Preap Sovath Releases Song Reminding Who is the Real Legend

Phnom Penh: While the intense diss track battle between local rappers G-Devith and VannDa continues to shake the entertainment industry, Cambodia's top singer, Preap Sovath, released a song yesterday titled "Legend,” with lyrics that reflect his struggle to reach top, as well as a firm statement that no one else can reach this in Cambodia.

Preap Sovath’s new song, produced by Galaxy Productions, is within the hip-hop genre and was written by the PSV Team. The song begins with the words, "Make a cool song man, I came from the mud, Rap for the children to see so they can wake up"

The singer also mentions that even though he is old, he can still sing songs that appeal to people of all ages and has fans almost everywhere.

"Before now, even though I’m old, gray hair is still dope. PSV I'm a OG, I'm the LEGENDARY until I have wealth and reputation, never easy, my song, they sing, they dance in every show,” he sings.

Sovath seems clear in wanting to remind the younger generation not to forget him or try to compete with his legendary status.

"Do not want to jump, do not want to climb, do not want to play around, Wherever I go, you follow forever, do not want to compete cause I'm the top. Do not dare to take advantage, hell is very hot, do not want to win,” he sings.

At the end of the song, he thanks his fans who have trusted and followed him from the beginning.

It is no coincidence that Preap Sovath chose to release this song now, as two of the hottest new generation artists in Cambodia, VannDa and G-Devith, are currently embroiled in a fierce diss track battle, having dropped numerous songs dissing each other back and forth in recent weeks.

Preap Sovath, 47, began his artistic career during the 1990s. He is one of the most famous artists in Cambodia, his songs of numerous genres, from romantic ballads to rap and rock and roll, appealing to people of all ages. In February 2021, he released a hip-hop song called ‘Gang Gang.’ At the time, G-Devith went on social media and joked that he would go back to the business of downloading music on to mobile phones (as was customary in a pre-music streaming era) if Preap Sovath chose to get into the rap scene.

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